Prelude. Preface. Intro. Welcome!!!

This sunset, this view has helped me stay sane from day one.

As far as the government goes, I’m not your audience if you want to bitch and moan.

I’m not your audience if you have a firm stand against masks and need to kill any Messenger talking about masks.

I’m not your audience if you’re a conspiracy theorist, I will listen to you but you shouldn’t waste your time and there’s all kinds to make our world go… Completely mental! 🙂
I think if this pandemic has reminded me of anything is that it’s important to have boundaries and it should be allowed to mention them and expect people to respect those boundaries.

It is pretty insane and there is a lot of people suffering but if the people around you are safe and healthy, why waste your energy being a bleeding heart for the world’s suffering? Continue reading Prelude. Preface. Intro. Welcome!!!